miercuri, 3 decembrie 2014

With Love.

   You are the man I always look up to. The "ultimate" man, that is. I searched for you in every man I was ever infatuated with. I found parts of you, never all in one though. You are kind and passionate, loving, strong, still never afraid to show tears. You are wise, brave, calm, resourceful. It's a wonder (or maybe not) how you can make me feel better with just a hug of yours, how you make me feel proud of myself with just a look of yours.
   You taught and still teach me so many things. You made me believe in something as important as life itself, that true love does exist. I know how to drive a car, how to roller skate, how to hammer a nail in, how to stand tall when something hits me down, how to make a soup, how to dream a dream and make it come true, I know all that because you told me I can do it and I did it. 
   You are always my biggest fan and for that I thank you. You are always my greatest defender and for that I cherish you. You are my better half (although you say I am your better half) and for that I thank God you are in my life. You are my best friend and for that I will never break the trust, respect and love we share. 
   You are my father and I don't have enough words to describe what that means to me. But because today is your Birthday I say this: may you live longer than me, may you live happier than me, may you live next to me. Happy Birthday!

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